Welcome here! Join volunteers from all over the world in fighting one of the cruelest evils on earth, modern slavery.

Our purpose is to raise funds for exiting anti-trafficking organizations. If you were to ask these organizations, “What do you need most?” the most common answer you’d get is, “We need more resources.” Often, they’d also add, “More awareness!

The Global Anti-Trafficking Auction exists to raise funds for organizations that are combatting human trafficking. The initial phase of this is the $100,000,000 Challenge Auction scheduled for early January, 2021. In mid-2020, the auction will expand to include accepting pledges for an Internet auction that will also take place in January of 2021.
Since we exist to support anti-trafficking organizations that are already doing the work, we encourage you to volunteer for them. However, if you like the approach we’re taking here, raising funds through a global auction, we’d welcome you with open arms, and we’ll do everything we know how to make this a meaningful and satisfying experience.