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Our Founder's Auction and Champions' Auction are two innovative efforts to fundraising, whereby, you, as the donor, do not have to spend a cent! How's that for disruptive innovation?

The Founder's Auction is a live auction to be held in New York during the first quarter of 2021, and it features items in the million dollar price range.

The Champions' Auctions are online events throughout 2020 and 2021.

Both Auction opportunities create enormous social benefits by your generous donations.

How Does It Work? Make Room for Something New

You may have an item at home you no longer desire to keep. Perhaps, you have an object of value in storage, or possibly you’d like to de-acquisition an item to make room for something new. Maybe, emptying a storage center or downsizing a home yields gifts of this value.

No matter why or how you would like to donate, there are two exciting benefits to donating your items to Win This Fight.

  1. Donors choose the organization who will receive the sales proceeds. So if you have an anti-trafficking organization you support, then you designate where your donor dollars get distributed. Once the organization is vetted and approved by our team,  it will receive the proceeds from the sale of your donation.
  2. Did we mention it is commission FREE? Yes, that means, if your item is valued by the auction house at $1 million dollars, and it sells for $1.2 million, the organization of your choice (pre-approved by our team) receives the entire gift without a commission fee.

We know it is an amazing, innovative and disruptive way to do business. As my late father, the founder of Sheraton Hotels and my husband, the late Frank Perdue of Perdue Chicken both used to say, "Go Big or Go Home!"

Important Work

When you donate, lives will be saved and people will be grateful. You’ll be providing funds for the anti-trafficking organization of your choice to prevent human trafficking and to rescue and rehabilitate victims of it. You’ll also help shine a light on this issue and raise public awareness.

There are additional benefits for you:

Tax Deduction

Check with your tax adviser. There may be an opportunity for a significant tax deduction when you donate a valuable item to a charitable organization. Our application for 501(c)(3) status has been filed.


Depending on what you donate and what the story is behind it, you and/or the anti-trafficking organization of your choice will receive considerable public appreciation for the gift. We are also expecting on-going coverage from radio, television, YouTube, podcasts, and generally, all the media outlets. Our donors are our lifeline, and we will honor your extreme generosity with the utmost recognition we can offer.

Next Steps

We are accepting donation pledges (commitments) now. To participate, please complete the Auction Donation Form on this web-page. We thank you so very much for your consideration. We are truly grateful!

Let's Win This Fight Together! 

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