Inspiring Anti-Trafficking Efforts Where the Good Guys Win!

Important Successful Sting Operation.    This video is a little more than seven minutes long, and it’s a gripping story of how a covert sting operation brought down a global pedophile ring. A friend of mine was part of the effort.

The beauty of this case is, once the good guys tracked down the leader of the ring, they carted him off to jail and then took over his computer and pretended to be him. That enabled the good guys to discover others in the ring. When they caught someone further down in the organization and took him off to jail, then they’d take over his computer, impersonate the new guy, and discover still further people who were abusing children.

My friend, the one who was part of the sting operation, is undercover. He told me, “In this particular sting, it was mostly affluent people (some were civilian government officials) raping, torturing, and brutally killing children.”

I particularly cherish this successful sting operation because it shows that by supporting these kinds of operations, we don’t have to just sit back and say, “This is terrible, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”