Evil at Its Worst

Jim Conrad is a Delaware Poet who wrote this poem, Evil at Its Worst, for Win This Fight.  A great big Thank You to Conrad for doing this!  Poetry can focus and intensity emotions as words alone cannot. Again, thank you, Jim Conrad, for writing this.


                                    Cruelty To Animals

                                                On The TV Screen —Brings Tears

                                    But There Are Far Worse Happenings

                                                That Should Rank With Greatest Fears

                                    This Thing Called Sex Trade Trafficking

                                                Is The Worst —-With Silent Screams

                                    The Kind Of Thing That Should Cause Us

                                                To All Have Nightmare Dreams

                                    Savage, Base, Brutality

                                                So Some May Money Make

                                    International In It’s Scope

                                                With Cowards On The Take

                                    Like Cattle Are These Slaves Then Sold

                                                To Perverse Folk Who Have Bid

                                    They’re Bought To Perform Unspeakable Acts

                                                For Those Buyers Who Are Conscience Rid

                                    Daughters, Wives and Children

                                                Yes, Even Boys Of Youth

                                    From Skins Of Every Color

                                                And All Of It The Truth

                                    I Hope It’s Not Your Sister

                                                Or Niece Or Cousin Or Mother

                                    Your Girlfriend Or Your Fiancée

                                                Or Perhaps Even Your Brother

                                    But Just Because It’s No One

                                                That You May Ever Know

                                    Does Not Mean That Good Folk

                                                Can Let This Evil Go

                                    Starting With Awareness

                                                It’s The LEAST That We Can Do

                                    And Perhaps We Can Find Other Ways

                                                To See This Perversion Thru

                                    The One Thing We Can Never Do

                                                Is Turn And Walk Away

                                    For If We Do, Then Many Lives

                                                May NEVER Ever See The Light Of Day

                        Original poem by Jim Conrad as inspired by stories about Human Sex Traffickingt. 2019