Book Review, Sex Trafficking in the United States:

Book Review, Sex Trafficking in the United States: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice by Andrea Nichols 

If you’re looking for a basic book that contains, under one cover, the information you’re most likely to want to know about sex trafficking, this is what you’re looking for. Andrea J. Nichols combines the best academic research with gripping accounts of how sex trafficking plays out in practice. 

She’ll lead you through how individuals become trafficked, the various factors that keep them in it, the legal and political ramifications, and most importantly, what individuals can do to about sex trafficking.

This is clearly an academic book. It has an abundance of footnotes and resources, so she provides you with resources for more information. In addition, the book is also enormously readable.  She has a clever technique of illustrating every point with examples and stories. She makes the unimaginable come to life.

What a service Andrea Nichols has provided us with!