Human Trafficking

We live in a world that is increasingly powered by the work of enslaved people, and even children. As enlightened as our society may be, the people most in need of help cannot speak for themselves. These individuals are often toiling in the shadows where you least expect to find them. Our Win This Fight! Stop Human Trafficking is gathering pledge items that can be sold to fund vital efforts to save these individuals.

Prevent Human Trafficking and Exploitation

The problem is huge. Human trafficking is the third largest revenue source for organized crime after the sale of weapons and illegal drugs.

To illustrate just how big the human trafficking industry is, imagine this: with the money made in human trafficking every year, you could buy every Starbuck's franchise in the world, every National Basketball Association team in the United States, and every Target store across the globe.

The Most Vulnerable

The average age of the victims of human bondage is between 12 and 14. Look at your child reveling in the joys of middle school, and realize that kids the same age are being exploited sexually in dark corners of the world.

According to Paul Hutchinson, a leading figure in this field, a nine-year-old child could be assaulted as often as seven to eight times a day. Join our cause and stop these monsters from continuing to exploit children.

Contact us today to find answers to your questions about the extent of human trafficking around the world. We work with individuals from around the world.