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Using Real World “Super Powers” to Disrupt Sex Trafficking Networks


Using Real World “Super Powers” to Disrupt Sex Trafficking Networks

By Mitzi Perdue

Guardian GroupAndrew X is a gray-haired 70-year old international businessman. If you were to attend conferences where ultra-high net worth families gather, you might hear him as one of the speakers.

We’re not using his name, however. He has a secret life and wants to keep it that way.

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Book Review, Sex Trafficking in the United States:

Book Review, Sex Trafficking in the United States: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice by Andrea Nichols 

If you’re looking for a basic book that contains, under one cover, the information you’re most likely to want to know about sex trafficking, this is what you’re looking for. Andrea J. Nichols combines the best academic research with gripping accounts of how sex trafficking plays out in practice. 

She’ll lead you through how individuals become trafficked, the various factors that keep them in it, the legal and political ramifications, and most importantly, what individuals can do to about sex trafficking.

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Why They Do It?

Have you ever wondered what makes an adult choose to have sex with a child?

The Earth being held in human handsFrom what dark place does that person come? He wants it so badly that he risks getting in trouble with the law; he’s willing to pay the trafficker, and he’s going against some of the strongest social norms in the world.

To take this further, if he gets caught and jailed, he’ll probably end up in solitary or maybe even dead. Hardened criminals and drug dealers despise pedophiles.

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Being Trafficked: A Story of What It’s Like and Why There’s Hope.

The Earth being held in human handsTake a trip back to the year 2004 and meet young Mindy Meadows, 14 years old. (By the way, I’m not using her real name. The United States Department of State has asked members of the media not to use the real names of people who’ve been in Mindy’s situation.)

Back to Mindy’s story. Something neat happened to her that fall, or at least she thought it was something neat.

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An Ingenious App to Solve an Omni-Present Problem.

Here’s something you may not have thought about. What happens in the following case?
Hands encircling the globeA woman has managed to escape her trafficker and now wants more than anything else to put her life back together and lead a normal life. However, she has a police record as long as your arm.

Landlords may not want to rent to someone with that kind of record. And who wants to hire her, with felony convictions on her record?

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